Using a variety

of targeting tools ensures that your advertising message reaches your target audience. ADMIZED offers advertisers four proven targeting capabilities, which can be used throughout the ADMIZED portfolio.


Proven targeting tools

such as Geo-targeting, Socio-targeting, Behavioral targeting and Re-targeting measures bring your media to your target audience and create a successful campaign. For the optimal control the campaign can also run through a variety of efficient targeting tools in combination.


Advantages of our targeting tools

at a glance:

  • Best practices for targeted modulation of your campaign
  • Combination of reach and precise targeting
  • Manual fine-tuning during the campaign possible
  • Competitive advantage through higher user relevance
  • Use of user data to enrich campaigns and achieve better results

Define your goals,

we ensure accurate campaign management:


Do you want to reach people in a particular region or country with a specific advertising message? Campaign management to IP-based technology for city, country and postal code.


Do you want to give people of a particular age group a specific offer? Address by users on the basis of demographic criteria such as age and gender.


Do you want to appeal to individual users based on their interests recognized profile, thus supporting buying decision process? Based on the online behavior interests are identified. Driven relevant advertising with individual product recommendation


Do you want users who have been interested in a certain product, a brand or a specific travel destination, targeted again with this product or an improved offer? Visitors to your site on other portals are again identified and targeted. Upon request, we will advise you on the example of an individual campaign. Feel free to ask any question and contact us. We will help you.