The ADMIZED Platform

The ADMIZED platform is designed to achieve highest performance standards, supreme quality and long-term reliability. It combines extensive bid logics, targeting, maximum reach of black-and white listing and reliable tracking with a high success rate of top secured online infrastructure.

We offer the targeting possibilities and transparency you need. The result is advertising that works and wins both attention and customers.

The platform includes:

  • Our own high-performance platform
  • Delivery of serval billion advertisements
  • Extensive targeting, such as geo / location, browser, operating system, language….
  • Various logics bid for target shopping
  • In-depth quality assurance through automated and manual filtering of traffic
  • Connected to all major exchanges, plus thousand local websites directly
  • Extensive live statistics and optimization features
  • Integrated data platform

ADMIZED aquired adexda,

a Berlin startup for Data Technology, in 2014.