Billing Model

Billing model

and campaign bookings It is always difficult to make acurate predictions on possible revenues, a website can achieve.


Usually prices are dependet on several points :

  • Advertiser running the campaign
  • Length of the campaign
  • Formats
  • Goals a client persues.

There are three types of campaign bookings a client can make, of which the price is dependent:

RON – Run on Network

Most clients book RON, due to the low prices, for there are no special settings. The campaign can either be on cpm or cpc and ist mostly among the whole network. Prices vary between 0,25€ to 1,50€.

ROC – Run on Channel

If a client only wishes to run in a special field of interest, or channel, he can choose of our 20 channels. Prices are a lot higher than at RON. Prices are usually between 2,00-6,00€, depending on the channel. Our AGOF Channel is of great interest in general.

ROS – Run on Site

A ROS booking is about picking very exquisit sites. ROS stands for Ron over Site. The advertiser only runs on one site. Depending on the format, prices vary between 5,00-100,00 € cpm.